Nautical Trivia Board Game

Nautical Trivia Board Game
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Detailed Description

The perfect gift for the sailor!!! Nautical Trivia makes any day a sailing day. Rain or Shine, Nautical Trivia lets you sail
anytime!!! The perfect sailing gift for a birthday, holiday or any day. Take the
Nautical Trivia challenge with your friends or family.

With Nautical Trivia you can experience all of the exciting elements of actual sailing with your friends or family no matter
what the weather is outside!

Every aspect of the game: the breathtaking nautical graphics, the pewter playing pieces, the challenging nautical trivia questions, the unpredictable chance cards, and its exciting play...
Nautical Trivia was created and designed for those who demand quality.

Whether you are a serious sailor, sailing enthusiast or have ever dreamed about sailing,
Nautical Trivia offers you all the exciting elements of actual sailing! Nautical Trivia has captured the mystique of blue water racing by simulating the sailing elements of changing winds, changing tides, tacking, racing strategy (block your opponent's wind!!!) and nautical knowledge to enjoy anytime, anywhere, at your command.

A roll of the cube determines whether the driving force that propels your boat will be by knowledge or by chance.
Nautical Trivia's challenging questions (many in true/false and multiple choice format) will test your knowledge of nautical history, the America's Cup, historic lighthouses, navigation, boating safety, famous shipwrecks, infamous pirates and world geography. The "Jolly Roger" and "Treasure Chest" chance cards are designed to impact the outcome of the race with unpredictable variables based on actual sailing situations. Just when you thought it was smooth sailing, a "Jolly Roger" hurricane card blows all boats off course out to open sea!!!

Number of Players...
Nautical Trivia is played with one player (captain) for each sailboat or groups may divide into crews for each boat and choose a captain. Two, three or four sailboats may compete in a race.

Age Range...
Nautical Trivia is designed to challenge sailors of all ages and anyone with a desire to experience the sport of sailing.

Magazine Reviews:
Chesapeake Bay Magazine
“Nautical Trivia is the first board game to combine the America’s Cup with Trivial Pursuit…Good for sailing families or people learning the ropes”.
Jane Meneely, Managing Editor

Cruising World Magazine
“If it’s wet outside and you’re confined below, while away the time with Nautical Trivia …Design your own racecourse, then power your sailboat marker around it, with your extensive knowledge of things maritime its driving force…As an old salt you can’t lose, right? Wind direction can change at the roll of a die or at the whim of a card, the tide can turn and leave you aground, or you can flub the answers to the questions and remain stationary-just like real sailboat racing”. Jeremy McGeary (New Products), Associate Editor

Sailing Magazine
“Nautical Trivia is a great distraction from those afternoon doldrums. Playing this challenging sailing game incorporates many of the variables incurred under sail…It’s a good time and there is something here for every level”. Rachelle Nelson, Contributing Editor

Yachting World Magazine
“The game asks players to agree on a course around Bermuda...then roll a die to decide whether they receive a nautical question, a treasure trove card that helps them or a black skull card that hinders them...with beautifully made pewter playing pieces of little heeling sailboats and good questions, this game should provide entertainment for many hours...” Tim Thomas, Feature Writer

Sailing World Magazine
“Using Bermuda as a venue, the Nautical Trivia board game lets you set up courses around which you and your competitors move sailboat markers at speeds determined by your general knowledge of things maritime”. Peter d’Anjou, Executive Editor

Northern Breezes
“…. they’ve designed an exciting game which captures the mystique of sailing. The game is of high quality. You’ll be proud to bring it out or set it on the coffee table. The board is beautiful with bright and realistic graphics. The pieces are pewter. The cards are of high quality, the kind players take years to wear out…Nautical Trivia is an exciting, challenging and fun board game for the passionate sailor and enthusiastic neophyte alike. Have fun. Start your own tournaments…Another method of general involvement is to play teams. …Put it on your give list. I did”. Thom Burns, Publisher

Offshore Magazine
“There are other racing games for sale and other boating trivia games as well. But none of them combine the two and do it so stylishly…”
Bill Kirk, Senior Editor

  • Components of the Game...
  • Game Board (28" x 20")
  • 576 challenging Trivia Questions
  • Jolly Roger Cards
  • Treasure Chest Cards
  • Low Tide Tales
  • Four Pewter Sailboats
  • Pewter Lighthouse Finish Marker
  • One Cube
  • Sand Tide Timer
  • Wind Rose Spinner
  • Game box: 14 1/2" H x 10 1/2" W x 4" Depth

    Missing instructions? You can download the instruction sheet here.